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Our New Upcycle Capsule Supports the Planet

Our Second Upcycle Capsule is Available Now!

Since our inception, our mission has always been creating products with a purpose and is reflected in every design, product, collection & campaign. Supporting our Planet has never been more important. The extreme wildfires across the Pacific Northwest, California, and Europe have destroyed homes, displaced families, injured, and taken many lives. Once lively towns have been diminished to rubble. Halfway into the Hurricane season, 12 hurricanes have formed, with 6 hurricanes forming on average, and Hurricane Ida became one of the largest hurricanes to ever hit the US mainland bringing devastating effects to Louisiana and along with its deaths- and these events will only worsen with the gradual warming of our planet. 

Upcycle II represents our vision to manufacture quality pieces that benefit people and the planet. Recognizing the importance of conscious production can help to limit these effects. Producing a capsule from excess materials utilizes what would be leftover waste, and increases the value & lifespan of KROST’s production process.  Each piece from the capsule was consciously crafted, from fabrics to trims & labels. To avoid the environmental consequences linked with the process of dying fabrics, the pieces feature wave seams with merging colorways that were left untouched. This eco-friendly process will help reduce the millions of tonnes of CO2 our industry produces each year and limit the warming effects on our planet. Our goal with this capsule is to create meaningful products using practices that contribute to a greener future and help protect our earth. 

Upcycle II was an especially challenging initiative for the brand – pushing our boundaries to create entirely new designs with leftover materials, and the resulting products are attributed to sustainable quality fashion – a significant push towards the mission to Support Our Planet. 

Our Second Upcycle Capsule is Available on Now!