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Fall 2023 Collection in Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

As a brand dedicated to our commitment and its countless contributions to philanthropy, we are delighted to unveil the our Fall/Winter ‘23 Collection. Through the designs throughout each piece, we aim to celebrate the beauty of nature while making a positive impact on the environment and communities in need.

The Fall/Winter 2023 Collection evokes the feeling of the great outdoors and the importance of experiencing all nature has to offer, encouraging us to pause and breathe and immerse ourselves in the serenity and wonder of the world. Proceeds from the Fall/Winter 2023 Collection will be donated to Eden Reforestation Projects, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding landscapes that are damaged because of deforestation. Alongside the KROST community we hope to contribute to Eden, and aid in their efforts to work directly with local communities to restore their environment and the land that sustains them.

The Fall/ Winter 2023  collection draws inspiration from the beauty and resilience of nature, bringing forth designs that seamlessly blend the New York City aesthetic and urban sophistication with the rugged spirit of the great outdoors. Each piece in the multi-drop collection embodies KROST’s dedication to sustainable fashion, featuring eco-friendly materials. The apparel throughout the release is loosely based on the human desire to get away and immerse yourself in the serenity of untouched nature. The story is told through the collections earth tones, nature inspired prints and speciality fabrics with personality. There is an emphasis on comfortable, functional and durable pieces to withstand the test of time whether you are navigating the streets of NYC or hiking out in the wild. From enchanting nature-inspired prints that evoke the wilderness to stylish outerwear, this collection is a celebration of both style and commitment to leaving a positive impact on our world.

Forest Eden Tees
Specially designed to illustrate not only our mission as a whole, but the extension of our partnership with leading non-profit, Eden, are our Forest Eden Tees and our Woodland Zip Hoodie.
Forest Eden Tee is a medium weight jersey tee offered in two different silhouettes and colorways. Both feature a playful wilderness scene printed at the chest serving as a reminder of the solitude and preciousness of untouched nature. At the base of the stream are the KROST and Eden Reforestation Projects logos, solidifying the partnership and serving as a reminder that the purchase of these t-shirts directly contributes to conserving and rehabilitating the types of spaces illustrated in the print.

Founder Samuel Krost, the visionary behind KROST expressed his passion for this collection, saying, “This collection is is a reflection of our deep admiration for nature and the outdoors At KROST we believe that fashion can be a catalyst for positive change, and our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects demonstrates our dedication to that belief. Through this collection, we hope to inspire others to connect and make a tangible impact on our planet.”

In an ongoing battle against deforestation, KROST has proudly planted over 61,500 trees to date. This achievement has been made possible through valued partnerships with organizations like Eden and other non-profits. With each tree planted, we are one step closer to protecting our ecosystems and empowering communities to do the same.

About Eden
Every day, Eden’s team works in some of the world’s most remote locations to facilitate restoration and community development through nature-based solutions to climate change. Eden currently operates in eight project countries and manages over 241,150 hectares of land by working with the local communities. Through collaboration and science-based restoration practices, the organization works to generate substantive benefits designed explicitly by and for each community that support their well-being, raise living conditions, and restore their environment.

The Fall 2023 Collection will begin it’s consecutive release on October 13th, 2023 at 11amEST exclusively on The Collection will also be available to shop at Nordstrom, Revolve, Urban Outfitters, Saks 5th Avenue, + select retailers.