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Celebrating our Summer Launch With NYRP

Celebrating our Summer Launch With NYRP

To celebrate the release of our Spring/Summer 2023 collection, we spent the day with New York Restoration Projects and friends in Highbridge Park, New York City. Together, we planted 100 trees that we had previously restored at the beginning of the spring season.

You can join us in supporting NYRP and other New York-based organizations by purchasing our Tie Dye Restoration Tee online at For every purchase made, 500 trees will be planted.

About NYRP

NYRP steward 52 parks and community gardens throughout all five boroughs. Their organization is the only citywide conservancy focused on New York’s underserved neighborhoods.

NYRP works collaboratively with residents in communities across New York to renovate gardens, restore parks, plant trees, promote urban agriculture, and build partnerships that transform the city’s landscape. They value the unique experiences, knowledge, and resources that each community member brings to work.

The KROST team was lucky to be a crucial part in giving our planet the love it deserves. Together with NYRP, we are committed to creating a greener, more resilient city for all.