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Pre-Spring 2024 in Partnership with NYRP

Pre-Spring 2024 in Partnership with NYRP

We are thrilled to introduce our Pre-Spring 2024 collection, a beautiful collaboration born out of a shared spirit with the New York Restoration Project (NYRP). This collection features timeless silhouettes and outerwear designed to embrace the dual essence of city exploration and finding solace in natural escapes.

Our past with NYRP

As a brand deeply rooted in New York and driven by a commitment to societal well-being, our journey with the NYRP feels like a natural extension of Krost’s values. The NYRP's tireless efforts in community engagement, from garden transformations to park restoration, resonate deeply with our mission. They plant trees, foster urban agriculture, and build partnerships that breathe life into the city's landscape, and we are honored to be part of this transformative process.

Drawing inspiration from nature

While our global endeavors focus on raising awareness and creating positive change, nurturing our partnership with the NYRP allows us to extend our impact right here at home. This collaboration isn't just about fashion; it's about intertwining our creative expression with compassion for our community. The hues, textures, and designs in this collection draw inspiration from the resilience of nature and the vibrant transformations facilitated by the NYRP.
In essence, each piece reflects Krost's commitment to not only looking good but feeling good about the footprint we leave.

Pre-Spring '24 + NYRP

By embracing the NYRP's ethos, we hope this collection and all to come become a gentle whisper of compassion, reminding us that style can be a catalyst for positive change. This partnership goes beyond aesthetics; it's a heartfelt collaboration that seeks to weave threads of care and consciousness into the very fabric of our community.