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A Letter From Our Founder

Where do I begin? I guess there’s a lot for me to say here and many different approaches I can take. I’ll start by asking your forgiveness if this feels like I’ve just thrown up on a page but I simply know no better way. Just last week, Lily who leads content at KROST shared a newsletter she received by email from a founder of another brand. We always share references with each other and she thought this would be something good for me start doing. We always have talks about how to attach myself to the brand in a more impactful way. I had also shared with Lily and the team that I was inspired by a friend to begin journaling this year. Every morning on the subway from Union Square to Canal Street, I have exactly 6 minutes and I use it as an opportunity to write in my notes app. The same way I’m writing this letter right now. It’s a goal of mine to for 2024 and something I already see having a positive effect. I find myself using it as a means of writing down the things I have to be grateful for. Sometimes a self-affirmation note. Sometimes, a to-do list for the day. Most days, it’s a combination of all the above.

Since August of 2023, it’s been a wild ride at the brand and for myself personally. On August 12th, 2023 we had a container that was stolen from the port in New York. It was filled with product from three different collection, including a huge collaboration for the brand. It included all of our inventory, along with the inventory of our retail partners. It put an irreversible dent in our financial position for the balance of the year, and still to this very day. I owe so much gratitude to God, the team, my family and friends for their unwavering support and dedication for keeping my spirits, moral and hope throughout this time. 

While this was the first time I had to truly look myself and mirror and visualize the possibly of the brand not making it through, it was also the happiest of times. I was also about to marry the love of my life and start a brand new chapter in life. Without my wife and the celebrations of a lifetime, there’s absolutely no way I would still be here. It’s almost as if God made these two contrasting experiences happen at the same time. I know He makes no mistakes, so I know they were meant to happen simultaneously. It puts everything into perspective. 

Health, family, & friends. These are the things that matter most in life. I am beyond lucky, privileged and grateful to be working my dream job every single day with a team who I consider my family and best friends. That’s what our brand has stood for from day one. It’s about family and friendship. It’s about supporting and giving back. It’s about being gracious and grateful. If I can write these letters and show a more genuine and authentic look into what we try do be every single day, than this would be a task worthwhile. I suppose no creative campaign or piece of content would get my vision across better than simply just writing it. 

I continue to show up full of gratitude. Take each day by day. I believe that progress compounds. And I think that progress will shine with our upcoming summer collection and campaign. Its product and content that finally feels representative of what I’ve always envisioned for the brand. It’s product and content that has real personal connection to who I am, where I grew up and product I cannot wait to wear it myself. So here is a big thank you to all of you, my team, my family and wife for putting the brand is the exact position we are meant to be in today. 

With all my love, 

Samuel Krost