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Our New World Collection's  second release,

Together We Can 

– designed & produced in New York City, was created to highlight the significant power unity has on our ability to persevere and achieve collective success. Together, our combined efforts can be used to shape, heal & support humanity, and the world. 

Although the perspective of a new era is exciting, it is important to understand that the ‘new world’ does not mean to imply we ‘‘forget the past’, but rather to strategically use the past to meaningfully impact the future. Recognizing that the devastating effects of the pandemic are ongoing and that systemic racism continues to exist, our objective is to support our friends throughout their recovery process and help them acquire necessary & lasting change. Our experiences taught us that we must listen & learn first in order to pass the support & kindness forward. It’s what we do with our ‘growth’ that counts; we choose to use our acquired growth to help our friends that need it most. Together, we can reach incredible heights by building constructive relationships that empower us to stand by our beliefs and fight for permanent change.

With NYC being the largest public school sector county, thousands of students were negatively impacted by the state-mandated closures. To help support students that rely on their school for food, in March 2020 we partnered up with New York City Food Bank, an organization that provides consistent meals to families disrupted by Coronavirus. Through our collaboration with them, and with the help of our community, we have donated thousands of meals to at-risk & vulnerable families. As an effort to continue our mission of support, we are giving our friends the opportunity to join forces and donate to NYC Food Bank with every purchased product from our "Together We Can" collection. Our goal is to effectively increase awareness surrounding the NYC Food Bank Organization, while financially supporting them & others in need through consistent collaborative initiatives.

This collection was made for the people.

Together we can make a difference.

See below for more details on all fabrics used and features of each product releasing this Thursday, September 10, 2020.