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Spring 2024 In Partnership with NYRP

Spring 2024 In Partnership with NYRP

Embark on a transformative journey with KROST's Spring 2024 Collection, merging style with purpose. Inspired by coastal serenity, this limited edition release features lightweight pieces crafted from woven waffle material, airy knits, and high-quality breathable cotton.

Immerse yourself in calming neutral tones and relaxed silhouettes, reflecting the coastal charm at the heart of this collection. Beyond fashion, your purchase supports the preservation of New York's natural beauty through our partnership with New York Restoration Projects. At KROST, fashion becomes a catalyst for change, sharing stories and collectively making an authentic and impactful difference.

Our Philanthropic Mission

Join us in this journey of style with substance, where each piece tells a story and supports a cause. Together, we stand for unity, acceptance, and positive change.