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Propel Event | Celebrating Women's History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to highlight organizations and members of our New York community that are dedicated to uplifting women by honoring their achievements in the workforce. 

KROST was honored to hold an event led by Propel Network, celebrating Women entrepreneurs and their success in business. Adina Kamkhatchi- founder of Adina’s Jewels, Sophia Chabbott- Founder of Testament Beauty, and Lottie Terzi- owner of Brooklyn Diamond Coffee, led a panel discussion where they shared their unique stories on how they achieved their dreams & the obstacles that opened up doors for greater opportunity.  


Propel Network is a Community non-profit organization that enables women to earn and help support their families while maintaining traditional values. By inspiring women to work, giving career guidance, enrolling in training and professional programs, and promoting networking opportunities, Propel’s goal is to make a dual-income household the norm and alleviate other forms of communal support.

Adinas Jewels: Growing up in NYC, Adina always had a tacit taste for Fashion and Accessories. As she progressed through college, designing & curating jewelry became her favorite hobby. She quickly fell in love with Fashion Jewelry and later ventured out and founded ADINAS. She named it Adinas after her late grandmother, whom she never had the chance to meet. As her designs started making an impact in New York City, she turned to her mother and brother to help make Adinas a household name. Adina has been determined to offer a unique line of trend-setting jewelry, at a reasonable cost, to fashionistas all around the world. "I am so happy that my family was there to help and now we are proud to call ourselves a successful family business."—Adina

Testament Beauty: Sophia describes her most cherished childhood memories as picking figs, grapes, and roses from her great grandmother’s victory garden in Brooklyn that were then wiped up into Mediterranean recipes, and eventually made into DIY skincare products. As her family’s “first beauty guru,” Sophia’s Grandma instilled that good skin treatments are uncomplicated, yet indulgent; simple, yet remarkably effective. Testament Beauty is dedicated to creating clean beauty products, made free of any sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic and artificial fragrances, mineral oils or petroleum among all the ingredients. Ever. The products are also 100% vegan and most importantly, cruelty-free to both our wildlife and the environment.

Brooklyn Diamond Coffee: Lottie began Brooklyn Diamond out of her very small New York City apartment a couple years ago with no plan nor aspirations. She loved coffee and struggled finding a coffee to satisfy, so decided to brew her own. Lottie defines Brooklyn Diamond as a meeting place rooted in current culture. Each coffee bar has its own personality reflective of the neighborhood. Brooklyn Diamond is a place where people meet, cultivate relationships, and develop ideas. It’s a place for people to step back from the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy an exceptional beverage. Her greatest accomplishment is more than just creating the perfect cup of coffee, but also being dedicated to giving back, as they offer exciting opportunities to employees and emphasize charity within the communities they’ve connected with.