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Our Equipment Drive W/ Game Changers NY is Now Open!

We are excited to announce that our equipment drive, in partnership with Game Changers NY, is now open! Help empower disadvantaged children to become athletes by dropping off your sports equipment at the KROST Storefront @ 158 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012 from December 1st - January 31st! 

Millions of kids across the United States and world do not have the privilege of playing sports due to the high costs of equipment. Children in need often wish that they could go outside on a nice day and have a baseball catch with a friend, or kick around a soccer ball. Well, Game Changers NY’s mission is to give every child that opportunity.

Game Changers NY is a nonprofit organization with a mission “to empower disadvantaged youth around the world by providing them the opportunity to become athletes.”  To achieve this goal, they donate collected sports equipment to children in need locally and globally. To date, Game Changers has donated over 10,000 pieces of equipment, worth over $100,000 to over 28 partner organizations in nine countries. Their 65+ volunteers have helped with the growth of the organization, and their collective efforts have impacted the lives of hundred of thousands of children worldwide.

“The impact of our donated sports equipment is everlasting; children learn to become a part of their larger community through their sports team. The skills that are learned through sports promote discipline and responsibility. Having access to the equipment is just the first step in this journey of success.” 

Learn more on the Game Changers NY Website. 

Come by the KROST Storefront @ 158 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012 to donate your sports equipment and receive 20% off any purchase with each donation!