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Love Someone Special

A Letter From Our Founder, Samuel Krost

When people ask where the story for KROST began, I always start my response by giving context to where I grew up. A small town in New Jersey -  home for few during the winter and many during the summer - it’s still the place I one day hope to raise my own family. Although I am constantly a work in progress, it’s because of where I grew up that I am the man I am today. 

When I moved to New York to attend NYU, like many I was flooded with all sorts of new experiences and knowledge. More specifically, I started to become aware of the different issues plaguing society. In 2018 a gunman stormed Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and took the lives of 17 innocent people. Amidst this terrible tragedy, the students of this school formed an organization named March for Our Lives. An organization that today is one of the leading nonprofit organizations leading the call for gun reform. I was inspired by these students to say the least. It was at that moment I understood I can pursue my passion while simultaneously trying to make a difference in the world. I realized, there’s no reason you can’t design and create and also give back to those in need at the same time.

And so KROST was born. A brand born out of social responsibility with the goal of increasing awareness surrounding different societal issues through the product we create and the nonprofit partnerships we form. With every release, we partner with leading nonprofit organizations to help increase awareness and support them through various financial donations. It’s our hope that as we grow as a brand - so too will our impact in the world.

In our second year, I was interviewed by someone whose goal of the interview was for me to think of something I had never thought of before - and man did he achieve his goal. What I realized during this interview was that while the story behind the inception of the brand is entirely true - what I didn’t realize was the brand’s mission of giving back really stems from my parents and the community that I grew up in. It’s my parents and community members who have taught me that life is about what you can do for others. And there is no greater example of this lesson than the people behind an organization known as The Special Children’s Center.

The Special Children’s Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with locations in Lakewood, New Jersey & Brooklyn, New York that is a multifaceted service program for children and adults with complex developmental disabilities. The Center provides respite care and consistent help to over 600 families and their special needs children. From birth to adulthood, the Center exists to provide exceptional life experiences for an exceptional population, helping the children reach their full potential. The Center’s countless volunteers serve the children by providing the types of quality experiences other children and families take for granted - art, music, movement, field trips, swimming - you name it. As a business that provides care 24/7, they are committed to cover aftercare on weekends, holidays, and even camp in the summer. When parents drop their children off, there are dedicated professionals waiting with activities.

On Monday, May 3rd the KROST team had the incredible privilege of visiting The Special Children’s Center new & state of the art facilities in Lakewood, NJ. To say we were welcomed with open arms and the brightest smiles would not do justice to our experience. Every time I have the opportunity to be around the children and the incredible team at The Center, I find myself speechless. The team does not simply just provide respite for the families with special needs children - they’re providing the children with a life of their own. As I write this letter, it’s difficult to put words to paper to express the feelings and love I have for this organization and the incredible people behind it. As always, I’m speechless.

But that is why our team is SO incredibly excited to bring our brand story full circle with the release of the “Love Someone Special” capsule in partnership with The Special Children’s Center. 100% of the proceeds from this release will be donated to The Special Children’s Center - the smallest token of appreciation that we can offer for all The Center does.