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Letter From the Founder

Multiple events and incidents built toward the inspiration behind KROST and the brand’s message of “Supporting Your Friends.” Growing up in a small New Jersey community, he focused on academics and athletics. Becoming a student at New York University and living in New York City opened his perspective on the world’s happenings.


During that period, momentum was building around important social causes, and that cultural shift played an essential role in the initial conception, story & mission of the brand. Specifically, in February 2008, the mass shooting in Parkland, FL, occurred, and amidst the tragedy, the incredible student body of Marjory Douglas High School founded March For Our Lives. These students had been the primary inspiration behind the birth of KROST, and at that moment, Samuel felt he truly understood the meaning of Supporting Your Friends.


Apparel took on a new meaning to Samuel, becoming an active vehicle to build a community of like-minded individuals who wanted to enact change. Every collection at KROST pulls inspiration from what’s happening in society worldwide to increase awareness surrounding prevalent social issues.


Support Your Friend’s message is displayed in the clothes and our partnerships and remains the driving force motivating each team member to pursue their mission and positively impact the world. This mission for Samuel separates KROST from other brands in our space and remains the ultimate basis leading the brand’s success.