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KROST x SWFT in Partnership with NYRP


We’re thrilled to announce the release of our first KROST electronically powered beach cruiser in collaboration with SWFT. This release will continue our support for our nonprofit partner, New York Restoration Projects, as we look to leave the world greener than when we found it. 10% of each purchase of the KROST x SWFT beach cruiser will be donated to NYRP.


This past February, KROST worked with NYRP to help convert 15 acres of trash-filled land into a productive and beautiful green space for the Inwood community in Harlem. This project helped prevent shoreline erosion with the removal of 150lbs of invasive plant materials, allowing for the creation of a stronger, more resilient, and environmentally-friendly park. Our goal is to continue making New York City sustainable as we further our partnership with NYRP through the release of the KROST x SWFT electronic beach cruiser. We aim to create lasting changes in transportation habits that can make a difference in mitigating climate change. E-mobility bikes eliminate the possibility of playing a part in the 29% of carbon emissions that pollute the atmosphere, thus contributing to our mission of keeping the city, and eventually the world, as green as possible. 

SWFT, one of the leading technology companies in the electronic transportation industry, is dedicated to expanding its line of electronic rides to make alternative modes of transportation more accessible to build a healthier environment.



“Since inception, our brand has always strived to leave the world a better place than when we found it. It’s incredible to witness the work SWFT is doing to make the world greener in the field of transportation. We couldn’t be more excited about the product we’ve created together,”  said Samuel Krost, founder and creative director of KROST.

The preservation of green spaces in NYC has become an essential effort in improving the physical atmosphere and strengthening the community. Each year NYRP refurbishes and creates entirely new gardens at nearly 30 schools, community-based organizations, senior centers, and public housing associations. The organization now cares for 52 community gardens and parks throughout the five boroughs. For communities that have been the most deeply impacted by COVID-19, these spaces not only allow New Yorkers to grow food and exercise, but they also serve as a safe space to hold programs, connect with family and friends, and for children to play amidst the pandemic.

The cherry blossom colored beach cruiser is decorated with a matte finish and chain stitch embroidery details native to KROST’s design aesthetic. It is made with recycled leather handlebars to sustain ergonomic comfort for riders, a white wool removable seat cover that protects the PU comfort seat, and an LCD control and display screen programmed to track the rider’s speed & mileage. Our slogan, “Support Your Friends,” can be found on the e-bike’s stainless steel top tube.

What contributes to the cruiser's sustainability is the battery-powered motor that’s embedded in the hub of the rear wheel. A custom branded key & charger for the removable lithium-ion battery is included, which can be used for up to 6 hours. A detailed operation manual can also be found with every cruiser purchase, describing the safety, assembly, adjustment, and riding instructions. The electric mobility of the KROST x SWFT beach cruiser supports a healthier environment, mind, and body.