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Growing our Impact With NYRP

Growing our Impact With NYRP

With most of our philanthropic efforts focused primarily on tackling food insecurity through the pandemic, we’re back with our Spring/Summer 2023 taking inspiration from Eden. We expanded into new silhouettes while nodding to nature’s beauty through abstract designs, forest landscape prints and styles built for outdoor wear. In addition to our focus on design, we remain committed to making an impact. Tackling Deforestation at Home in New York City

While tackling deforestation abroad through our partnership with Eden, we still feel the responsibility to tackle this issue at home in New York City. We continue to work closely to restore our planet with New York based organizations and strive to initiate change from inside with the KROST team.  

For our Spring/Summer 2022 Collection, we worked with NYRP to transform unused outdoor spaces at Our Saviour's Atonement Lutheran Church into beautiful, productive facilities. The initiative produced over 1,250 lbs of fresh, organic produce, providing $2,500 worth of resources to families and members of the Washington Heights community. In addition, we were able to plant 12,500 trees.

Our Hope to Plant Over 100,000 Trees Through our SS’23 Collection

We recognize that the benefits of trees extend far beyond their aesthetic beauty and contribute to a healthier planet. With our newest Spring/Summer ‘23 Collection, we aim to exceed our previous goal and plant over 100,000 trees through the proceeds of this collection.

On March 30th, the KROST team teamed up with other members from team to volunteer alongside NYRP, an organization dedicated to renovating gardens, restoring parks, planting trees, educating students, and forging partnerships to transform New York City landscapes. During this recent volunteer initiative, our team was heavily involved in the removal of 1,125lbs of compost and 60lbs of trash. This effort is a testament to our continued dedication to transforming our city's landscapes and adding organic resources for families, with the support of our friends and members of the New York community.

Our experience volunteering has been both rewarding and eye-opening. We have seen firsthand the impact that can be made when like-minded individuals come together for a common goal. As we move forward, we will continue to use our platform and resources to make a positive impact, both locally and globally. We are excited to continue our philanthropic endeavors alongside our valued partners. To initiate our second delivery of this Spring/Summer Collection, KROST will continue to transform our city’s landscapes and add organic resources for families with the help of some of our friends +  members of our New York community.