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Everyday Basics that Support Friendship

Our new basics collection comprises our 8 best-selling styles that are exceptionally light-weight & cozy,  you’ll probably live in them – and your body will love you for it. The collection includes a selection of crewnecks, tees, shorts, sweatpants, and socks in a variety of colors like heather purple, quiet tide, paradise green, cherry blossom, white, and black. 

For your Best Friends, Real Friends, and Forever Friends, these pieces celebrate the foundation of friendship. Every purchase donates $5 to help support the 23M+ children struggling with food insecurity  through our work with No Kid Hungry. 

Support Your Friends by KROST

Support Your Friends by KROST offers a variety of basics made from our highest quality materials & fabrics, carefully designed to represent our brand’s message, ‘Support Your Friends’. By introducing a line that promotes accessibility and inclusivity into our e-commerce space, our hope is to expand our reach & strengthen our Community.

Supporting the Youth

The foundation of “Support Your Friends” was inspired by students who came together for a purpose; to support each other and create lasting changes to improve our society. Supporting the youth through our products & partnerships is an essential component in pursuing that mission and creating positive transformations that will shape and influence the future.

KROST X No Kid Hungry: A Mission to Feed the Youth 

No child should have to question where their next meal will come from.As of April this year, as many as 1 in 6 children in America have the potential to face hunger. That means that about 13 million kids are either missing meals, malnourished, or questioning where their next meal will come from. In order to resolve this epidemic, families must be given the resources they need to provide meals so that their children can survive and flourish. Our work with No Kid Hungry strives to ensure just that: providing kids across America with consistent & reliable access to food.

No Kid Hungry is a non-profit organization with a mission to resolve food insecurity among children, At the heart of their work, No Kid Hungry does not just work to feed a child that is hungry today, but to protect the youth of America from never going hungry again through impressive initiatives that include school meal programs, grants, and effective advocacy. Read more about No Kid Hungry's impact here. 

Our work with No Kid Hungry gives us the opportunity to form lasting impacts on the lives of thousands of children across america. The joint initiative will help support the cause through proceeds from our new Support Your Friends by KROST basics collection, in which every purchase donates $5 to No Kid Hungry.