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Carrying on MLK's Mission

Martin Luther King Day 2022 is an annual federal American holiday that celebrates the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. (January 15). It celebrates the life and achievements of this influential American civil rights leader.

The idea of Martin Luther King Day 2022 as a holiday was promoted soon after his assassination in 1968. After King's death, United States Democrat Representative, John Conyers and, United State Republican Senator, Edward Brooke introduced a bill in Congress to make King's birthday a national holiday.

Today, we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by furthering his message and promoting equal rights for all Americans, regardless of their background. We believe support can come through different ways and in order to play our part, we will continue to push for change within our society. Here are a few ways you can be a part of the change:


We need to have discussions that confront racism head on by using any resources in order to create an impact. Literature, film, podcasts and online sources are all readily available. Along with many other institutions, programmatic nonprofits, like the King Center, are pushing beyond the erroneous history being published through opinion-based textbooks and helping the youth understand history from an omniscient view.


Beyond education, being involved in your community makes a difference. In order to begin the process of change, small steps must be taken within, to then branch out on a much larger scale.  Rally around potential and existing elected officials that you can trust that best represent what you believe in.hese are the people that have their foot in the door for change. With enough support, they will have the chance to push for a difference and enact the appropriate policies in order to create effective change.


Ask questions! Dig deep into the reasons behind the issues and actively listen to the testament of those affected. Use their responses to fuel your knowledge and help you develop an understanding of why some of your peers feel the way they do. 


As a brand born out of social responsibility, it’s important to us to play a role in making way for what is right. By no means do we have all of the answers, but we aim to use our platform to help carry on Martin Luther King’s mission by raising awareness towards racial injustices that are plaguing society. #supportyourfriends